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Michigan Stroke Registry & Quality Improvement Program

Paul Coverdell Stroke Registry

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has approved Michigan’s continuation with the Paul Coverdell Stroke Registry. This three year continuation program will be entitled “Michigan’s Ongoing Stroke Registry to Accelerate Improvement of Care” (MOSAIC) and will immediately follow the very successful Michigan Stroke Registry and Quality Improvement Program (MiSRQIP).

MOSAIC will continue the inpatient stroke registry, and add surveillance and quality improvement efforts to enhance the transition of care to the post hospital setting. Henry Ford Hospital and McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital will be piloting the transition of care program for the first year, with expansion to other participating hospitals in years two and three.

Michigan Stroke Registry & QI Program-MiSRQIP (2007-2012)

In 2007, Michigan launched the Michigan Stroke Registry and Quality Improvement Program (MiSRQIP). Its aim was to improve stroke patient outcomes and the status of stroke care throughout Michigan. The program was also known as the Michigan Paul Coverdell Stroke Registry it was partnership with the American Heart Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and 35 hospitals representing a cross section of Michigan.

The objective of MiSRQIP was to assist hospitals in their journey to provide “Defect Free” care for stroke patients. The performance measures they focused on were the following:

  1. DVT Prophylaxis
  2. Discharged on antithrombotic therapy
  3. Anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation
  4. t-PA administered
  5. Antithrombotic therapy by end of day 2
  6. Discharged on cholesterol reducing medication
  7. Dysphagia screening
  8. Stroke education
  9. Smoking cessation counseling
  10. Assessed for rehabilitation

The commitment of Michigan hospitals to stroke care has been exceptional. All the participating institutions were able to show improvement in the performance measures.

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